SWAM Hamilton 2023-2024 Executive Board

Co-President: David Jin (He/Him)

Hi everyone, my name is David and I am going into my third year of the health sciences program. I have been involved with SWAM for 2 years but even longer with adapted aquatics in general. Excited to be getting involved with SWAM again and hope to continue sharing my passion for swimming and connecting with swimmers and instructors in the community.

Co-President: Jinnie Yang (She/Her)

Hey everyone! My name is Jinnie and I’m super excited to be back with SWAM this year. I love the mission that SWAM stands for and can’t wait to help these kids safely enjoy swimming.

Head Instructor: Ashley Kuntz (She/Her)

Hello! My name is Ashley and I’m one of the Head Instructors for SWAM this year! I’m love baking, reading, watching Netflix and swimming (of course)!

Head Instructor: Camille Dela Cruz (She/Her)

My name is Camille, I’m in my fourth year of Political Science and one of the Head Instructors! Fun facts about me: I am pursuing a music minor and am receiving my Aqua-fitness instructor certification! I joined SWAM hoping to extend my swim instructor/recreation experience to Hamilton this year.

Parent Liaison: Anya Kylas (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Anya and I’m in my third year of Health Sciences. I joined SWAM because I enjoy sharing my love of swimming with others, and wanted to continue teaching swimming lessons during university. I am excited to continue to grow as an instructor through this amazing initiative!

Financial Coordinator: Ana Kovljenic (She/Her) 

Hi SWAMily! My name is Ana and I am returning to SWAM for a third time as the Financial Coordinator. I am a fifth year Commerce student with a passion for baking treats, reading, and most importantly, aquatics! I joined SWAM because I’m passionate about our mission and our students.

Promotions Coordinator: Mia Watanabe (She/Her)

Hi everyone! My name is Mia and I am part of the promotions team this year! I am super excited to be a part of SWAM and I’m very passionate about their mission! I love swimming, reading, and hanging out with friends. Excited to meet you all!

Promotions Coordinator: Jacqueline Wong (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I am one of the promotions coordinators this year! I joined SWAM because I want to share my love for swimming with others, and I am passionate about SWAM’s mission. I’m so excited for everything SWAM has planned this year, and to be a part of the SWAMily!